Portfolio Companies

A public cardiovascular and inflammatory disease company


 A public company focused on targeted cancer therapeutics


A public company focused on optimizing the combination of proven cancer therapies which was acquired by Jazz Pharmaceuticals.

                                                            (NASDAQ: CPXX)

A private company developing the hormone, Relaxin, in acute heart failure - acquired by Novartis, originally Corthera

A private company focused on cancer therapeutics - acquired by Cephalon (now TEVA Pharmaceuticals)

A public Italian company treating vascular complications of cancer treatment (originally obtained as Gentium, acquired by Jazz Pharmaceuticals)

Invuity's products enable less invasive surgery using proprietary photonic solutions


A public company focused on use of aptamers for reversible treatments in acute care cardiovascular markets (acquired as Regado Biosciences,

now Tobira Therapeutics)


A public company focused on cancer therapeutics


 A public company focused on insomnia


A public company primarily focused on treatments for obesity and diabetes